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    13 października, 2017 | By Krystian Syryca

    The Essentials of Coffee Roasting : Have a good Plan

    I have been asked several times, “What is the single most important piece of advice you would give a new roaster?” The answer is easy but the practice may not be: always have a plan before you start roasting.

    On the surface this seems easy enough.

    Your plan, however, should be more than, “make green into brown.” It should involve having a purpose for your roast and an expected result.
    An example might be: Roast 5 ARRIVAL samples to a cupping standard for evaluation tomorrow morning. Now you know what you are roasting, why you are doing it and an expected outcome of Agtron 58 whole bean of 58 +/- 1 in 8-12 minutes. This is a simple, well thought out example.

    Others plans might be a little more complicated. Here are some plans you might want to consider. You can take these as a starting point for your roasting and make them as detailed as you want.

    If you have been roasting for a while you probably have a set of ‘common’ profiles you use. If not, build some thereby creating a small library of starting profiles. This will save many hours and lots of coffee in the future while making your outcomes more precise and consistent.

    A good plan well executed saves time, money, and frustration while increasing quality and consistency.

    Rocky Rhodes

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    Rocky Rhodes

    As CMO, Miles handles all the marketing and sales development activities of Diedrich Roasters. Prior to Diedrich, he was Co-Founder and formerly Co-Owner of CoffeeTalk Media, publisher of CoffeeTalk Magazine (print and digital), The Daily Dose (a daily digital news aggregator), and The Power Press (a digital coffee trade magazine). All these publications serve the global coffee industry from agro-business through retail coffee houses. Miles’ experience allows him to understand the industry and the customer at an intimate level.