The IR-12 is the biggest machine in our IR-Series. Using our innovative infrared technology, it can handle everything from half a pound to 12 kilograms (26.4 pounds) with complete precision. Like all our roasters, the IR-12 can significantly save energy and reduce the amount of harmful gas exposure to your coffee.

    With a full batch roast time of 13-16 minutes, you can roast up to 105 pounds per hour. We wouldn’t recommend drinking all of that in one sitting, though. For the most flexibility, from boutique batches to big orders, check out the IR-12.

    Diedrich IR-12 Full Automation and Cyclone

    Simplified controls

    Diedrich Roasters 2nd generation roast profile automation continues to revolutionize coffee roasting. Designed for both IR series and CR series, the updated Z II automation uses industrial grade hardware, has simplified screens and offers operators the ability to even more precisely fine tune and control the roast

    Infarred Clean Burn Technology

    Roasting on a Diedrich is better for the earth and your coffee. Our infrared burners reduce noxious gas emissions. Efficient roaster design reduces operating costs. This cleaner roasting process allows you to bring out the true quality of the bean.

    The Best Build Quality

    You love coffee, we love coffee. We’re after one common goal: crafting the perfect cup. The physics of roasting on a Diedrich with our infrared burners and heat exchanger technology give you unsurpassed control over your roast.

    Diedrich Roasters Feature

    Made in U.S.A.

    Hand built and individually tested.

    IR Burners

    Reduce noxious gas emissions

    Eco Friendly

    Lower emissions, without an afterburner.

    The Best Build Quality

    Hand built and individually tested.

    Lower Operating Costs

    80% less than other roasters

    Low Maintenance

    Lower emissions, without an afterburner.

    Specifications - IR-12

    • BATCH CAPACITY (min/max)

      250g (.5 lb) – 12 kg (26.4 lb)

    • VOLTAGE (1-PHASE) Class

      100 / 200

    • VOLTAGE Class 3 Phase



      13.3-14.8 / 6.1-7.0

    • MAX BTU/hr (kW)

      90,000 / (26)

    • COMMON BTU/hr (kW) per Roast

      18,671 / (5.47)

    • FULL BATCH ROAST TIME to 440F (227C)

      13 - 16 Minutes


      NG / LPG

    • ROAST AIR scfm/scmh

      245.5 / (417.1)

    • COOLING AIR scfmS/ (scmh) Maximum


    • GAS PRESSURE INLET wc. / (mbar) NG/LPG

      8-9 NG 12 -14 LPG/ (25-35) (30-35)

    • AIR PRESSURE psi / (bar) @ 2 cfm


    • WATER PRESSURE psi / (bar)




    • WATER FLOW at 40 psi gpm/(lpm)


    • EXHAUST scfm / (scmh) Max

      245.5 / (417.1)

    • DIMENSIONS (HxLxW) In / (cm)

      77 x 55 x 30 (196 x 140 x 76)

    • SHIPPING WEIGHT lbs / (kg)

      1320 (598.7)

    • Exhaust Diameter

      8 Inch


      1/2" NPT

    • Roast up to 105 lbs / hr