May 6, 2017 | By Krystian Syryca

    The Cacao Roaster

    Chocolate is a complex food with its own peculiar character. This character is formed from many factors. Genetic heritage, terroir, fermentation. When cacao beans finally get into the hands of the chocolate maker, its character is already shaped, but not yet defined! The roasting process is crucial to the future chocolate flavor and has the same importance as in coffee. Cacao beans are to be roasted anywhere from 190 up to 325 F for the duration from 5 up to 35 minutes.

    The decision on the roast is taken based on chocolate maker palate, perception, experience, preferences and mood on that certain day when the roast is done. Chocolates production process flexibility allows chocolate makers to bring beans with interesting genetic heritage, curated and handled with love and respect by growers and then put effort and attention carving these cacao beans into chocolate with personality and character. As a maker of fine chocolates, you demand quality and a roaster that is built to roast cacao not coffee.Our cacao roasters are made with chocolate in mind, with a completely re-engineered design. Everything from the cooling bin, to the burner placement, to the roasting drum are made knowing you are going to be roasting chocolate. Each roaster is hand fabricated in our North Idaho facility only using the best American components we can find.

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